माक्सू पिक्त्सू

South America by drone

Backpacking over 19,000 km in 5 weeks through South America. Chile | Bolivia | Ecuador | Brazil | Argentina | Peru. This is our story.

Nikon D60 | 50mm f1.4

16-35mm f/4 VR

DJI Phantom 2

Gopro Hero 3+ Black

Creators: Tom Montefiore & Adam Humphrey

Track: Outro | Hurry Up, We're Dreaming | M83

Site: ilovem83.com

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Tourist attractions shown in this video

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माक्सू पिक्त्सू

माक्सू पिक्त्सू (स्पॅनिश: Machu Picchu) हे पेरू (देश) ध्वज पेर